Total FAIL on the internet

Hello everybody!

How’s your week going? Mine is kinda horrible right now… I got the flu!😢

Anyway, today is Sunday and I was surfing the web for Pokemon things (e.x. mega evolutions). So everybody knows that Sylveon is a fairy type right?


I found this article with top 50 cutest Pokemon and there were about 5 types that were right. The rest were completely wrong. EX: Who would of thought that Skitty is an Ice type?! Seriously?! Skitty is a Normal type for your information (see I’m not even using an abbreviation because as you can see I’m trying to make them understand). At least when you press on their names it (sometimes) gives you the correct type information.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything but this is a must fix. Please don’t take this the wrong way. It’s just… These things get me a bit angry aggravated.

Well on a separate note,  I am going to soon going to do an account giveaway for something on my YouTube channel so stay tuned! Let me know in the comments below which online account I should make! I was thinking woozworld, star stable or movie star planet…

Well, good week everybody!

D to the A 😉


New kitchen?! 

Good morning world! 

Are you kidding me?! I have to wake up early on a friday with no school?!
Yup that’s right! I’m waking up early today for one reason and one reason only (If it weren’t for this reason I’d still be in a deep sleep… 😝). I’m doing my day job as cashier at my mom’s kitchen! Sure, I’m a bit young (11)… but this is my mom’s kitchen we’re talking about here! I’m really happy cause, I get a summer job here and it is super fun!
Check out her website for more info! 

Photo time!

And my little cash… 

I’m really proud of her and I wish her my best wishes! 
Anyway I go to go now, I got customers😉

Cya soon on another post!

D to the A 😉

Henna awesomeness 

Hey guys and gals!

I’m here to tell you about something that has made my summer extraordinary. It is the fact that me and my BFF Sienna have officially have a henna company. We are still deciding names for our business. Why not help out? Henna hearts OR henna by girls? Comment down below about your thoughts on which one we should choose and why! Anyway, we are pretty good at henna (even though this is still technically our first month doing it😉). I do the harder designs and she does the easier ones, I am a tad bit better than her 😉! Jk!!! Anyhoo, down below is what I did on my own hand. 

Isn’t this super cute?!??

Cya soon guys!

D to the A😉


Hey guys!

I’m currently visiting my family in FREDRICTON!!! I’m having a blast in the summer sun! Share your summer vaca story in the comments section down below! Sorry this post wasn’t very long, I don’t have much time right now… I promise when I’m back, I’ll surely give you guys the dets! Anyway I need to get back to the water ballon fight! 

Cya soon! 
D to the A 😉


Hey you guys! (and girls)

I’m sooo happy and excited right now! Why you ask? Because In Real Life For Deea has an official Youtube account! Yep! You heard me right! We have a Youtube account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It currently isn’t very popular at all but with your help, we can make it super popular!

If you guys have any channels be sure to comment down below and I will totally subscribe to your channel (if you subscribe to mine 🙂 )! If I have 10 subscribers I’ll give you all an epic shoutout!

Now you’re probably saying… “Hmm… Now I want to check it out. Wait, what is the channel name??” Well the channel name is my name, Deea Saha!

Thanks a lot, you mean the world to me!

D to the A 😉 


Hey guys!

Omg I was just playing world chef and I was trying to get the Mexican chef (unlocked at level 10) but I was missing coins and I was gonna buy more coins with diamonds but look at this glitch!!!!!!


Are you serious that many diamonds?!


D to the A 😉

guest post Reynahawesomeness – just wanna say hi


My name is Reynahawesomeness i am at OttawaU again this Sat we went to the MakerSpace today and we made boats out of cardbored,tinkercad,and laser cutter, it was so much fun,and sandradragonforce and i were partners. and we made the most epicest boat ever made. then in the middle of it this lady and her cute daughter came to tell us if her idea was good the idea of it was to make a bracelet that light comes out of it so if you buy a bracelet that light comes out of it its cause of us and your welcome. so we had to tell her our ideas and what we were thinking we also had to make charms for the bracelet i did a raindrop fire lightning bolt etc so buy one of mine when it comes out lol just kiddding. so now i am typing to you lol so see ya later Reynahawesomeness OUT lol bye

Coding and Programming at OttawaU

Hey guys!

Today I’m doing a tech camp at OttawaU and we are learning about computer programming. Its really fun! I’m doing this every Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30. We are using a program called Python. It’s really fun and awesome. You can do math, Infinite loops, sentences etc. I can’t really explain how it works but ITS REALLY EASY! I’ve also been to OttawaU for a Engineering Science Quest camp. It’s really interesting… I’ve dicected a worm, I made an awesome Chair etc.

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